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oh yes, I remember creating this thread a while ago... :P

not really sure, but I think it's already licensed, which would explain why the scanlations have been pretty much stalled.

don't think there's enough material for an anime, but it's one of those few cases you wouldn't be surprised if the announcement turns out to be true (which will make me very happy).

I think the main reason why I picked up this manga in the first place was because of the cover: girl in red cape, white boots and mini-skirt, isn't that enough of a reason? :P but what got me interested in this manga was actually the story and the slight intrigue surrounding the characters. The four used to be friends, and now they are pitied against each other for some unknown reason---this setup is just asking for something really bad to happen, but methinks there must be someone pulling the strings behind the scene.

there are not that many mecha manga out there, I mean this is probably the only one I've so far read.
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