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Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
I can't believe I forgot about this, Balttezone I know is something of a old arcade fav but I like the 1998 remake, it was something else.
It had to of my fav genres mixed together and pretty well at that.
Sniping pilots of enemy vehicles was hugely satisfying:D
I am very much in agreement with you here, and am surprised that Activision seems to be letting this version of the game wither on the shelf. I take it you remember the NSDF missions on Europa - the first one required you to 'appropriate' a CCA scout vehicle so you could sneak in and download data; the followup had you return in force to clean house. One nasty trick I clued in to for that is this: at some point after you set up shop, about 2-4 artillery units roll onto the cliffs overlooking your base and will proceed to rain on your parade if you let them. Sure, you could simply wait up there and destroy them in transit... but why do that when you can instead snipe them all, reset their IFF beacons, then push them off the cliff into your base so that your barracks will spit out pilots to man them!

Which totally reminds me of another game I totally forgot about Total Annihilation!
When TA came out and I just decided to buy it on a whim, its one gaming purchase I've never regretted, its the ultimate RTS game there is. It instantly became my fav RTS, totally sweeping C&C aside.
This was about the time I really started to get into PC Gaming and wasted away hours playing TA

I hang my head in shame for forgetting about TA:sad:
Ah, that was another great timesink, complete with plenty of opportunities to be an Insidious Basterd by converting the other guy's units (in fact, one created unit that featured on the devs' site - the Necro - was designed to resurrect destroyed (but not gibbed) units and buildings into your service). One especially nice touch: after bootup, you could remove the game CD and put in an audio disc of your choice - and even specify which tracks to use as ambient and battle music.

Lastly, here's another gem:

Abuse (?) - given its combination of platforming and free-aim (arrow keys for movement, mouse for aiming, firing, and using special items), this product of Crack dot Com could be seen as the spiritual ancestor of Shadow Complex. Gets extra credit for including multiplayer mode and a level editor...
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