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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Macross came out in 2012, MF the 25th anny project was 2007 remember. Like I said Aquarion Evol for 2011 and than into 30th Anny project.
Well, there's space for one OVA for the TV series in there, then. At least I hope so.

Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Before I start, Magnus, a week or so ago, tried to twist my point into "Kawamori is perfect." This was not something I ever said, nor do I believe it. Of course, anybody can call Kawamori a troll or anything else they want. I can call him "the Nobel Award-winning author of The Sun Also Rises" if I want. Just because someone says it doesn't make it RIGHT.

Anyway, I'm curious where you get your information that he has the most sway on any series he works on. If you look at his filmography at ANN, he's done a hell of a lot of work. How many of these series would you call "Kawamori shows"? If nobody noticed his "troll" endings before Frontier (or, arguably, Zero...most people didn't call that a "troll," though...they just said it sucked), is it possible that you're just looking back on other series he worked on, saying, "Okay, Escaflowne had a bittersweet ending...LOL Kawamori troll u! SDF Macross? No troll ending, so yeah, not a Kawamori show. Macross 7? TOTALLY Kawamori!! Macross Plus...hmmm...I have absolutely no proof, but I bet everything good in that is because of Watanabe."

Kawamori gets unfairly maligned as doing everything bad in shows he works on, while others get praised for everything good.

But all this is done in ignorance. None of us now how the descisions are made, who exactly does what. We can guess, we can take the available evidence and try to deduce it...but most people don't do that much work. And so "Kawamori = troll" becomes an easy meme to remember, whether it's accurate or not.

I submit that it's inaccurate. This apparently pisses off some people.
I mostly am very put off by the tone you used to convey your opinion on this topic, which sounded exactly like someone trying to forbid me from expressing my opinion. Which, I might note, is a 100% sure trigger to set off my fireworks.
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