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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Kawamori was the creator of Escaflowne, did screenplay and was the story editor as well as supervisor of the team. It's silly to downplay the involvement of Kawamori in that series which was pretty much his baby. The biggest misconception about Escaflowne is that Kawamori did the mecha designs for the series, he didn't do that all which is surprising for a lot of people.

I've already said that not every Kawamori show had a bittersweet ending so I don't know why you're listing all his shows that didn't. But when Escaflowne, Macross Zero, Aquarion, Macross Frontier Movie and more than likely Aquarion 2 had a similar ending than...
Yeah, either bittersweet or a non-resolution to the romance. And, hey, I will easily parcel out some blame to Yoshino, too!
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