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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
The most epic part of the episode had to be the part where Keima doll did some things to Haqua doll that were so risque, they had to censor it per Japanese legal requirements. Then the reaction from Elsie after she saw it as well.

Do I sense jealousy from Elsie? I always that she saw Keima in a more friendly/brotherly way? Or is it because she felt that Keima was doing "inappropriate" things with her best friend? Elsie was sharp enough in the end to realize that Haqua had feelings for Keima.
I think it was as Elsie herself put it: She was off alone, worried, working hard. Haqua and Keima were messing around doing "inappropriate things".

I thought it had a bit of "little sister jealous her adored big brother now has a girlfriend who he wants to spend time with instead of her" aspect to it. And not just any girlfriend, but Haqua who is Elsie's best friend.

Anyone who has ever dated the best friend of their younger sister knows that whole thing can get complicated.

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