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Originally Posted by StratoSpear View Post

Got it

I've also been wondering all this while... Some robots tend to have a classification of their own even though they're basically mechas:
Gundam - Mobile Suits
Muv-Luv - Tactical Surface Fighters

I wonder, for those who are doing battle/powered armor units for their respective OCs, are they going to have their own classification or are they going to be referred to as simply "battle armors"?

I've only done about 4 chapters for the re-write so far but it feel stale having the Minerva simply classified as "battle-armor"... I need to think of another term to replace it.
Well, copyright man. Basically, Mecha is engrish equivalent of Mech, and it's trademarked.

As for why it's different, it was mostly to give a different flavor. Hell, my fanon has FOUR kind of machine that is basically I.S.-knockoff. With only difference in abilities but mostly not cosmetic.

All of them went into general classification of Stratos-class Powered Armor or Powered Exoskeleton.
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