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3 months...that's a long break. Are they intending to make part of S2
in the intervening period or what?

Originally Posted by Kamui04 View Post
And all this stems from a misunderstanding on the japanese mentality about martial arts sports. Today we see Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kendo and other martial arts sports as simply sports. They have strick regulations to ensure the safety and to keep them as sports. Now we have a big divide in the mentality about this in some Japanese families with long traditions. Some like the sports mentality, others consider this modern martial arts watered down and prefer them to revert the old teachings where they weren't a sport but training for war and fighting. And in all this there's a dissonance in the values, do or don't do in this traditions which is reflected in how they portray Shiho and the Nishizumi school, that most westeners might not understand. This old schools want the old ways, they want to be ruthless to achieve victory, yet act within the confines of their honor system.
See that's why I don't understand the direction of said ryu...Proper martial art is simply put meant for combat and killing. That's what they were when they were devised on the Sengoku battlefields, so if any present day successors are so afraid, then just restrict membership to military and law enforcement personnel. Why make it available to the general public and complain later
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