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well kinny riddle, a few things I'll comment on

if you read the box of your figures they are stamped made in china, and its not because it was imported from japan.
alot of companies like bandai have factories in china that actually assemble the figures and toys. only the design and license is actually done in japan.
that is one reason when u purchase those type of things they are cheaper in china then the rest of the world.
all of the doujin stuff is straight from japan pretty guaranteed though, since most of the small doujin guys print locally in small numbers.

and officially licensed DVDs are on par with bootlegs in southeast asia? no...
you are correct though, very few PVC figures are knock offs. most are real merchandise. but this does NOT apply to resin kits. 95% of resin kits sold outside of japan are re-casts.

and if ur gona ask me when the last time i was in china, i was in taiwan about 8 years ago
however, my figure collection is quite huge and I do browse some of the chinese sellers for out of print stuff on a regular basis.
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