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Originally Posted by snowdevil_crow View Post
Yeah, I dunno. Stereotypical seme/uke with Suzaku and Lelouch isn't all that IC... though it can be kind of hot in doujin *cough*
Well, stereotypes are stereotypes, so it's not really surprising that the characters tend to get OOC if someone is hell-bent on applying cliches to a relationship. But yeah, it's especially bad with Lelouch and Suzaku, because even though I'm convinced a talented author can make almost everything work, the core of their canon relationship is that they balance each other out.
I'll easier buy into this thing if you throw in Clovis, because I can so see him jumping Lelouch and Lelouch being all "wtf, I have to take over the world, go away", but even then... I just don't do well with sterotypes. xD
But when it comes to the hotness... well...

I do like seeing flustered Lelouch in my PWP ^^' And, I dunno, I think it's pretty IC. I've also read some really hot 'dominating from the bottom' with Suzaku and Lelouch. *_*
Rawr. xD
Well, I have no doubt both "LelouchxSuzaku" and "SuzakuxLelouch" can be IC, but I'll usually only read the latter if I have very good reason to assume it fits with my tastes, because I'm kind of traumatized by ukefyed!Lelouch.
I dunno... all those people claiming Lelouch is totally uke by default and being dead serious about it have gotten to me, as well as fics in which he is horribly OOC just so that he fits the stereotype.
Flustered Lelouch can be cute, though. So can annoyed-as-hell Lelouch and let's-hug-him-he-needs-it-even-if-he-doesn't-know-yet Lelouch.
Actually, I just want my fluff. xD
"I think of the disturbance in Area 11 as a chess puzzle, set forth by Lelouch." - Clovis la Britannia
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