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Originally Posted by deathcoy View Post
On side note i dont think he will include Yuki Onna and such(those from the encyclopedia/game), since he mainly focuses on Slime, Harpy, Minatour, Arachnid, Dullahan, Mermaid, Centaur, Lamia as seen in his one shot comic scripts...
why not?

may be the plot will developed into an odd one where Japanese monster girl jealousy toward western monster girl make them enter the exchange program too
or wage wars against participant of the program.

It'll be interesting to see Lamia against Ryu or Harpy against Tengu

the author release a tankobon of monster girl H manga
in the cover is an orgy held by bunch of Lamia (probably they're in mating season) and the preview give us Alraune that trapping a man, A boy who dare himself against Queen Slime just a moment before she divide and become more hungrier, and the Roper whose been caught and 'eat' her adversaries
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