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Also, I agree that AO needs a second season.
No-no-no-no, just let it end.

What I haven't noticed is that the moon in 12021 is blank.
Which means... the desolated wasteland is the new world's future.
You know, this behavior of Scub Coral doesn't make any sense. Why would it try to take over the world so half-assedly? After all that happened? Why would it infect people and turn them into green goo?

Something else I forgot to mention: the way they disposed of the Secret's head was both hilarious and very characteristic of this show.
Renton being voiced by Keiji Fujiwara is the worst decision ever. They tried to be clever, but really just ended up ruining everything. It's wrong on so many levels, they could've casted ANYBODY, anybody who hasn't voiced a main character in E7, but no, it had to be Holland's VA. Now you're all going to feel awkward and uneasy if there's ever a scene between Renton and Eureka from here on.

And no, that wasn't Storywriter.
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