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Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
Except if it happens after E7, Scub wouldn't want to do that!
Normally, yes, but Naru's also been making the Scub grow. In fact, she's commented a couple times that humans mixing with Scub would give them cool powers. If she's the one spreading it, then it may simply be defaulting to what it does best.

Another thing to remember is that this is only small fragments of a much larger whole. I always got the impression that the Scub had a unified will because the command cluster. If pieces of it are getting zapped off the whole, then chances are they're losing that will. Then Naru comes in and makes them spread.

Originally Posted by Tyr Valein View Post
Also, is anyone else freaking upset that Aikawa seems to think that the Nirvash can just be mechanically copied and built? That was never what the old E7 was about. The Nirvash was primarily an archetype, even if it was a unique one.
There's no particular reason why it couldn't. LFOs used an organic base, but by and large they are machines. The base isn't even a complete human form. Only the final versions were totally organic. It isn't that much of a stretch that Renton, given time, could mechanically duplicate that.
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