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Originally Posted by morbosfist View Post
There's no particular reason why it couldn't. LFOs used an organic base, but by and large they are machines. The base isn't even a complete human form. Only the final versions were totally organic. It isn't that much of a stretch that Renton, given time, could mechanically duplicate that.
I don't argue that Renton couldn't mechanically duplicate your run o' the mill Monsoono or any other LFO (despite the archetypal base being what makes E7 unique among mecha, aside from the lifting boards, and I'm loathe to see it go), but THE Nirvash is special for a whole number of reasons specifically because of its organic archetype. It was capable of generating the Seven Swell, was the only LFO capable of making it through the Zone, the only archetype capable of growing and changing shape of its own will (and the wills of its pilots), and the only archetype that had performance of its baseline mechanical parts increased because of the ability of the pilots to work together (noted by Charles when he was chasing the typeZERO that his Spearhead has better specs and should be faster). The Nirvash typeZERO was unique in so many ways.

The fact that the writer of AO COMPLETELY blows past all this in what is undoubtedly a ploy to turn AO into your generic military/mecha show makes me highly upset. He obviously doesn't know or care what the original E7 was about or what it stood for. I bet he just saw one shot of the Nirvash's eyes glowing before something happened and went "I want to do this too!" without ever asking about the context.

Originally Posted by Daniel Lind View Post
Makes Eureka seem really shallow, too, would you call a robotic copy of your best friend the same name and treat it the same? They seem to have implied Mark 1 is to some point a sentient machine, but then what's the difference between an archetype-based unit and an artificial one and why are archetypes more powerful? They were just used to make mechas because that's what they did in E7's world and now Kanon is so much better? Why? Because that doesn't sound like it makes sense. It sounds like toilet flushing.
Seriously, tell me about it. Eureka and the Nirvash were found together. She could TALK to the archetype. The fact that the Spec2 is entirely unique out of all mecha in the series and they completely sidelined it is highly upsetting to me too. Not that they even flipping EXPLAINED how in the world it reverted from Spec3. It just doesn't make any sense.

I'm not saying Dai Sato has always been a good writer, because he's definitely written some atrocities, but there are too many plot holes and lore holes, mostly created from the ignorance of someone who didn't really care to learn all he could about the series (a series that is arguably one of BONES' best) and just did whatever the hell he wanted. There's no room for forgiveness there, none at all.

I just can't wait until this whole debacle is over. Its stupid and annoying and just needs to end. I used to recommend E7 to everyone I knew who would watch anime from time to time and even to those who didn't at all. Now I have to stress that they don't even try to watch the sequel, that its just better to pretend it didn't exist.

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