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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
I'm still disappointed at the fact that he still hasn't gotten a ministory so far. I was actually hoping that his would come up after the Eneru ministory, but we got CP9 instead. Maybe after this one is over with.....
i got my money on a perona ministory after CP9 comes to a close...
And after that, i'm thinking a supernova ministory; y'know to help us see the fates of Hawkins and the others that got taken down by Kizaru

Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
Basically I think Oda hit the mark with Boa being the most beautiful female human in One Piece.

I'd like to see how he's going to create mermaids who are supposed to be even more beautiful.

Camie is already quite a cuite, but if mermaids are supposed to be even more beautiful than Boa, I suppose Camie must be quite a normal or even ugly by mermaid standards lol
Well one thing you have to take into account that it could just be a rumor or gossip that mermiads are more beautiful than Boa... afterall, knowing what has happened to men who encounter Boa, can we really say that the guys on Lola's crew has actually seen boa? They could just be repeating rumors or even jumping to the conclusion that NOTHING could be prettier than a mermaid

Originally Posted by ZeroForever View Post
i'm pretty sure it's just because he has the king class haki like her, as his haki is on the same level as hers i'm pretty sure thats why he is unaffected/repels her aura.

the DF i think works on emotions as her seduction aura/haki didn't work she wasn't able to get luffy to a state where her DF would work.

all just spectulation though, i'm sure there will be a event where she will explain in detail what her ability is though.
The way i'm thinking Boa's power over others works is a combination of her Haki and her beauty... normally the king's haki is used to force others into submission under you and be an intimidating force... however, Boa combines that power with her natural beauty to turn it into a seductive force instead of a dominating one... people who normally find Boa highly attractive suddenly find themselves falling head over heals in love with her

When it comes to her devil fruit powers... it seems likely that the only thing needed is for the victim to find her attractive; her Haki makes this even easier...

Now Luffy also processes the same Haki as Boa, this may allow him to subconsciously resist if not negate Boa's Haki... With boa's Haki eliminated, Luffy is only able to fall prey to her natural beauty... this is where Luffy's natural resistance to woman comes up to make him just about immune to Boa's powers

The vice admiral is almost a similar case... while he does not possess Boa's type of Haki, he does likely have a strong enough will to resist such haki... however, as serious as he is, he is still prey to finding Boa attractive and as such needs to distract himself to avoid being turned to stone
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