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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
You have to give Buggy a little more credit than that. Their current record is tied (1 win each, and 1 loss each), with Buggy nearly killing Luffy in their second encounter (Luffy was literally saved by a random bolt of lightning ). Sure, Buggy is a somewhat comical character, but he has survived thus far on the Grand Line, and weaklings cannot survive on the Grand Line.

As to whether or not he knows of Haki or how to utilize the power…I cannot say. He should know of the power (considering one of his bosses was known Haki user Rayleigh), and as long as he knows of the power, it is very possible that he knows how to use the power.
It wasn't random. Monkey D. Dragon was there, and he possess the power of Storm Storm Fruit, according to one of the data books, or whatever. So the Lightning was his doing. But overall, your logic was flawless, I guess.
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