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Originally Posted by Francismeunier View Post
Well I read the manga and it's rather interesting they make them into a lez couple because it might play out differently in the future...not sure how but I have a feeling it might.

They don't! They are just in full lust for Haru.....maybe this is just a way of showing they fell for him right away or it could be something to fuel Sora's jealousy.

I am sorry but the game is hentai already so what is the problem anyways?

Why? People that played the game now it was hentai and R-18 so why not make this into at least R-16 or 17? Hmmmmmmmm?
I'm sorry to say this but usually just because the game has sex in it doesn't mean it's story will focus on it and YnS has a pretty good story and the sex isn't the main "focus" of the game's story, too many people think that just because a game has "porn" in it all of a sudden that should be it's main focus.... just look at other anime's that were based on "porn" games and turned out "clean"
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