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Originally Posted by Slayn View Post
I'm sorry to say this but usually just because the game has sex in it doesn't mean it's story will focus on it and YnS has a pretty good story and the sex isn't the main "focus" of the game's story, too many people think that just because a game has "porn" in it all of a sudden that should be it's main focus.... just look at other anime's that were based on "porn" games and turned out "clean"
Well I am sorry but I never meant that it will have a focus on the sex at all. I meant that since the game had some in it why not have it in this for change instead of the clean of let's just say Clannad from among the many other examples of it.
Anyways it's GIF Time!


This one is more something I played around with.

Kozue head desk hit is hilarious=>

Akira intro at this point was energetic...a good proof she has lots of energy to give out.

Pretty hot Kazuha smelling Akira...rofl that was funny!
Another good funny despite all the ecchi in this anime. Akira getting a face massage!

Yeah pretty much it. For all the GIFs.
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