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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I'm tempted to dismiss this, but I know I shouldn't. I dismissed Hikaru no Go for years until some persuaded me to watch it, and I was shocked how great it was. Can anyone compare this to another series I might know, either in terms of quality or style?
It's hard to find any series that can be compared to it, in the same way it was hard to do it for JoJo too. Up to the end of the Greed Island arc, it was one of the best shounen manga around. Togashi have laid a set of rules regarding his local power system (nen) and have been consistent with them. It result in battles that are won by wits and planning rather than the general "I POWER UP AND SHOOT BIGGER LAZERS!" brute force.

The cast is also likeable, you will always have someone to like among the protagonists. And on the villain side, you have the Phantom Brigade, one of the few villainous examples of a nakama, that is still cherished by the fans.

It's worth a read, really.
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