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Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
IIRC he can't Trace electronics, let alone Devices, without frying his brains out.
"Trace" is the word he chants as a focus, but it's not the name for what he does, which is two seperate things called Structural Analysis and Projection.

He can structurally analyze anything, including organic lifeforms, just by looking at them. (Any weapon seen is immediately and completely recorded.)

I don't recall whether he's incapable of creating copies of electronic machines, or even relative simple machines like guns.

I do know that even if he IS capable of it, it would be far more difficult and expensive for him, since his Reality Marble is specialized in swords. He finds swords and other forms of simple melee weapons easier than anything else.

Of course, he's incapable of projecting organic matter.
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