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Well lets think of what else they had her doing. Her primary task seemed to be the early warning radar operator. She sometimes washed clothing (though that might have been a rotational duty for when they were on their own in the second season), She served refreshments during a time of stress as well as plan social activities when there was a need. She was in charge of the crew's mental health (the doctor was in charge of physical health). When they got new crew members in the third season she was tasked to make sure they fit into their new assignment and being sure everyone was prepared for their first space warp. She was in charge (department head) of all the service staff related to the crew needs (in charge of the cooking group, life support, those sorts of thing, though didn't preform those tasks herself in most cases). She was an excellent shot with a pistol though she rarely used that skill in combat as she was also the ship's nurse for most of their voyages. She usually was only needed as a nurse for surgery, or as the field medic (or if the doctor was too sauced to practise medicine...or perhaps that is not sauced enough to practise medicine). She was something of a all around knowledge person. Well educated. Not an expert in any field that I recall, but able to preform well at just about any task. She is a pilot as well (though only in the live action movie was she a combat pilot).

She's also the first of the crew recruited by the Captain that we are aware, as she beat the other main characters to the ship...somehow.

And remember nearly all these tasks are being done in a story written in the 1970s and every early 1980s, in Japan.

Just thought of something: I wonder...with the new females in the crew, and the posibility that some of the younger people have never seen this show before....if their will be shipping wars over Yuki or the other women? The traditional one is the Shima-Mori-Kodai triangle. I wonder what will happen this time around.
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