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Originally Posted by YF19EX View Post
Yep! Then KBHK Channel 44 showed Robotech during my middle school days. I loved 80s and 90s mecha anime. The drawing details of those era's have not been replicated really since. Gundam Unicorn is as close at is has come in recent years. Modern mecha anime is too flat and static.
Even with Gundam Unicorn...I just haven't been liking it that much. All the designs seem to shiny for me. My main exposure to the Universal century Gundam series has been a bit of the original series, 08th MS team and War in a Pocket. All the other stuff has come off as to much like Super Robot stuff for my taste (like Unicorns crazy transformations), without having any of the fun/craziness of a genuine super robot show (like G-Gundam).

This is why this show has got me so interested. It's the first military/sci-fi show out in awhile that doesn't feel overly flashy like allot of recent Mech shows are, and has allot of cool highly detailed retro technical details and designs.
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