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For Kumagawa, there can be no greater victory than to have actually won over the heart of Medaka. The Medaka who loved every human equally, and who has been tied to Zenkichi since the age of 2. Most importantly, the Medaka who has been the main character of this story. More than the temporary victory of a battle, making Medaka bind herself to him would be the victory of a lifetime. It would be a complete reversal over his fate as a Minus, the "greatest failure that ever lived".

The "victory" Kumagawa achieved in the spoiler is important because it shows he understands Medaka. It also shows she understands him. However, it can still only be a temporary victory until Kumagawa actually supplants Zenkichi as the person beside Medaka. It's not the sort of victory which could ever be enough to erase Kumagawa's stigma as a Minus by itself. Kumagawa's journey/story is still continuing. He has not achieved enough to call it the end.
I don't know if you're implying he's already won over her heart with these latest chapters or will in the future, but if it's the former, then that is ridiculous; he has not won over her heart, his victory was her returning alive, and I see no point to continue this artificial narrative by creating emotions that simply don't exist between them. Also, I really wouldn't want Kumagawa's ultimate victory to be boiled down to his feelings for Medaka, since that does a disservice to his character, and it's something he would never be successful in anyways. I don't think Kumagawa's naive enough to actually expect to win over her heart, and I don't expect him to continue his search for a "victory", since he seems quite satisfied with this one.
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