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Why is there so much scorn for Nina?

Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
- Yuri with Nina blushing about Euphemia? Oh noes...*rolls eyes*
If ever there were a situation which would foster such feelings, that was it. I was surprised that no one brought it up earlier, but I never expected someone to take such offense to a two second scene. In any case, feel free to continue rolling your eyes.

Originally Posted by Deathkillz View Post
- nina is not only an annoying baby but also yuri
I see little evidence that she acts like a baby. She has probably had some traumatic experience involving (likely male) Elevens in the past, which would perfectly account for her character. Few among the Britainians even treat Elevens as fellow human beings, and given their hate, the fear is hardly unfounded.

However hopeless it is, I will be cheering for Nina x Euphemia. ^_^;; While she may be shy and a bit skittish, I think she is cute, and thankfully, the writers probably share that feeling.

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