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I bring good news... well, kind of. At least, I think it is good news. Okay, okay. I won't drag it anymore.

According to the TV ratings for all the series that have aired between Feb 19 - Feb 25, episode 3 for Shippuuden didn't make the top 10 list for TV shows. Remember, that Shippuuden 1-2 made the 6th place with a 8.0 viewer rating, so not making an appearance in the top 10 chart is an alarming aspect if one is the producer of Naruto. If episode 4 doesn't make the top 10 either, then it might jarr a few decision maker to try to improve the rating. And how do you improve rating? Why, by airing stuff that will appeal to an wider range of audience, and not just those brain-dead kiddies who like shiny things.

Here is to hoping episode 4 won't make the top 10 either in the ratings.
Thanks for the info, I was just about to ask if anyone knew how the japanese fanbase is talking it. Here's to hoping.
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