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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
AIPAC is just one of the most powerful lobbies in washington, and note that many policies that involve israel have little to no benefit to the United States yet the US is willing to move heaven and earth for. Not to mention the amount of technology and intel we've shared with Mosad and the Israeli government. Aid is one thing, but considering how the US has helped deflect any blame from Israel is a reason why many arabs don't trust Americans. Just look, the invasion in lebanon was a breach of international law, and yet the united states backed israel, these big situtations create a hypocrisy which no rational human could accept, and let's not forget the current lack of desettlement in the gaza strip.
I have to straighten somethings up with you. If Israel really were the biggest lobbiest in America, why is all of the TV media against Israel? Why are the Democrats time and time again quick to join the rest of the world in criticizing Israel whenever it defends itself against the radical terrorists in Palestine?

The reason America supports Israel so much, is because it is the ONLY Democracy in the middle east. It's completely surrounded by enemies. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. At least that's been America's policy for generations.

It's not like we don't benefit from Israel's existence either. Take a good long look at alot of our medical technology. Designed and created in Israel.

But regardless, I'd love to get rid of Foreign aid altogether. Just scrap the whole thing and not give money to any country.
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