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Originally Posted by andiyar View Post
As to the topic at hand... sigh, sadly I had to cancel my order for Air on blu-ray in the end, due to rather unforseeen problems involving a few bills and then the crazy month of cost that is December - a new pair of glasses, and paying for my GAMSAT test next year took a large chunk of my extra income, as did the whole Christmas shopping thing. That said - it's still available on even now. And I'm in the process of downloading the OP rips, as they're really what I'd love to see right now. If I don't end up picking up the BR box in the next few months, I think I'll get the DVDs instead - saves me having to pick up a player - or, well... if the box is still there, my inherent weakness will still be there
Well your finances will be grateful that in the 12 hours or so since you posted that it's gone out of stock Looks like they won't be getting any more, either. Oh well, saves you buying the player I guess. Stuck with getting it in the end so mine's in my Kanon Vol 1 order, hurrah! Watch them bring out a BR set for that too.

Now to finally get round to buying a new TV...
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