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Originally Posted by Maniac View Post

-- would any of you be interested in me doing this?
Short answer - yes. It's not like I can watch my version

As for the blog entry though, you mentioned help with karaoke. I wouldn't bother unless you personally really like it, the kind of people who'd be interested in a HD release are the kind who either don't care about, or outright hate, karaoke dancing across the screen when they'd rather concentrate on the anime itself and the higher quality. As for subtitles, Triad don't care. Someone used their subs before (for the Nanoha DVD releases), and basically all they care about is that you don't do a horrible job. If you bother asking they'll likely ignore you or just repeat that they don't care. They prefer no karaoke too. I don't think Koi even have a contact address, or at least I've never seen one.
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