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Originally Posted by Muad'Dib
Dude, I have a question sorta unrelated/related to this. Why on earth is high speed required for the chidori? For it to be destructive? No way! When Sasuke powered up his hand and moved it to the side, we see the wall underneath his feet disintegrate--and I think that similar things could happen to the human body...
I really didn't understand it either and just shrugged it off as an excuse by Kishimoto to let Sasuke look badass and pwn Gaara with taijutsu for a while. But a very fast thrust would definitely be better than just a thrust or a sideswipe. Also keep in mind that any destruction to terrain does not apply to opponents in the world of Naruto...I clearly recall a punch strong enough to wreck an entire wall yet did not break a certain character's head and a jutsu strong enough to wreck many many things fail to blow up someone's stomach *wink wink*.

Originally Posted by Muad'Dib
I guess speed is required so that people can't dodge it... but you could extend that logic to a number of destructive things that work well when they've got high speed, like some things I can't mention in this thread.
keke! I can't respond to this because of the [Anime] >_<

Originally Posted by Muad'Dib
Just think of an advanced taijutsu user who just powered up each hand and attacked. So what if he can't see fast enough for a thrust attack? Just don't attack that way. The chidori looks as if a sideswipe approach could take a significant chunk out of the opponent.
A dashing thrust is stronger than a dashing sideswipe, but I understand what you are trying to say...Chidori certainly seem capable of cutting things upon contact.
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