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Originally Posted by Melazoma
I stand corrected on the romanization and the false ID on the Eldoran Series--It would seem that I mixed the Space Police with Eldoran--the one responsible for Raijin-Oh, Da-Gaan and two others--who is an "ancient protector of the Earth."

Eldoran? And Raijin-Oh is not a part of Yuusha. The Yuusha titles are: Brave Exkaiser, Brave of the Sun: Fighbird, Legendary Brave Da Garn, Brave Police J-Decker, Brave Express Might Gaine, Golden Brave Goldran, Brave Command Dagwon, and King of Braves GaoGaiGar (as well as BaanGaan which only appears in the Brave Saga video games). As far as "ancient protector"s go, each series has a different setup for the robots. Some have ancient protectors, some are made by mad scientists, others by corporations.

The spinoffs from the Yuusha titles are the Dagwon and GGG OVA's, Betterman (set in the GGG universe about 8-10 years after the series ends), and Brigadoon (set in the GGG universe about 30 years before the series begins).
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