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And there's still the question of how everyone will escape. While I still like the idea of an underwater getaway, I guess it's now more likely that everyone will just use level 5.5 as a shortcut to level 1. Of course, that depends on the chance that the prison staff doesn't discover the secret level's existence during all the ruckus......
Last time, the Straw hat crew had to face the VAs, because there was no choice. This time, if possible, they may want to avoid that kind of encounter. With Jinbei there, escape towards the merman island is a good possibility. And considering the readiness of their ship (it should have been made ready when everyone landed on an island) and the need of a ship to use regardless of how they escape, a re-unite between Sunny and Luffy is again a good possibility. Also, the order Oda has in mind to re-unite the crew with Sunny is something to consider too. Will he start with the captain, or one of the other crewmates? If the ship moves under the sea, there may be no need for Nami until the ship re-surfaces again....Anyways, we will get to see the next set of adventures soon enough.

Of course, even if they save Ace, they may still need to go back to level 5.5 to gather everyone who wants to escape (Buggy and Mr.3 should also be around somewhere there). But, since that level should also be under water, and the person who created level 5.5 might have already created an escape path around that level, it should not be a problem to find an exit towards the sea even at that level.
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