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Topless Mizore!!! <3

Spoiler for Mizore TOPLESS on PS2:

And I thought Mizore is not gonna get that much air time here.

The engine is Sim dating. Another pretty unique engine game play yet again R+V games bring in. After you choose a certain flag, you'll do something to get you you need to time at the exact moment. Also your IQ, math and overall brain skills will be tested here and not just brains, but your STOMACH! Yes even eating here has a gameplay!!! My gosh! There is also a time you will need to side with one girl and forsake the other, unlike in the DS the girl will fight for you, but here "YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE!" so don't be spineless and indecisive it has a time limit! ALL THE things here has a time limit it's like the girls patience.
Kokoa's time meter is faster than the other girls and so on. Just don't piss off a girl.

Rosario to Vampire Capu 2: Koi to Yume n o Kyousoukyoku

Say Ahhh...
Spoiler for Kurumu:

The artwork in the game is over the top excellent.
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