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Nah, this is just character creation through discussion. Most of the times it's just pointing out small flaws in a profile so people can fix them, it generally helps improve the character overall. Sometimes people can get a bit defensive though, and it quickly turns into a battle of semantics.

Still, most of this is just Saintess talking about something completely different than Goose, which leads to disagreements over misunderstandings. Saintess keeps talking about things from a military perspective, while Goose does so (or tries to) from a police perspective.

Speaking of which, I do agree with Goose here. Many of the military comparisons we make is inevitably flawed because the butei is not a military. They're law enforcement. Police. Talking about how bayonets are better for killing your enemy and that the army uses them is pretty much futile when the characters we are making are police officers forbidden by law to kill.
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