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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post

I just want to chime in that in much of my reading of books and millblogs a common theme in house clearing is that fixed bayonets is rarely used as it increases the length of the rifle, and makes it harder to handle in close quarters.

I'll have to reaquire that book to quote properly, but author Dick Couch wrote on SEAL Qualification Training in one of his books, The Finishing School - knife combat was discussed, as also what to do when the rifle is grabbed. In very few cases were SEALs encouraged to knife fight the opponent; rather as the opponent grabs the rifle, SEALs were taught to use rifle and opponent's momentum against him to club him to the ground. And then shoot.

I just want to say my experience, fixing bayonets TO THE GUN is not as common as compared to have in tied to the side of your webbing ready to draw at a moment's notice. Is how I use it as well....a blade from the gun does have drawbacks...the increased length makes it harder to wield.

And if someone makes a grab for a rifle, using momentum is simplest, least cumbersome way of course. But I think most people would reflexively strike the guy's face/ neck then put some rounds into him when he lets go...the combat knife or sidearm acts as insurance here.
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