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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
For those who still find Dominion interesting. I personally like the summoner spell "Promote" when you are a tank/off-tank (was playing Skarner at the time). Gives you a nice gold bonus when your minion kills their minions, and get a good early push on bottom lane (never did try this on top lane since that's mostly the bum-rush zone). But still a little confused on why people would use "Garrison"? Is it to help the turrets fire faster at the minions and make sure they stay on their team's control?

Either way, the next patch really doesn't change much (except for Skarner of course ) and does few fixes from Dominion from the developer's personal opinion.
I found the Garrison spell is to be used againist and for turret diving[ie risking taking turret fire to try to finish an enemy], since it heals you and makes the turret shoot faster if used defensively, while if you cast it offensive the amount of damage their turret deals is reduced dramatically, making diving in range of it for a kill much less dangerous.
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