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It really helps that the Gremory clan treats its servants well. As for those servants who rebelled in Vol 12, remember, the Gremory and Sitri clans are exceptions. Those servants were most likely treated quite badly and always reminded that they are just "trash" except for their Sacred Gears, and when the opportunity arose to rebel, they did.
I think n0m@n implied somewhere in his summary that the reason some reborn devils rebelled were not only because they were treated badly, but also because some of them were reborn against their will because they had Sacred Gears since birth (I could be wrong).

Since we are talking about Rias reviving Ise in Vol. 1, how did Rias know that she couldn't use Bishop / Rook / Knight on Ise? Do high-class devils get some device measuring a person's worth in Evil Pieces along with their chess set? Or is it pure instinct?
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