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Whether he intentionally planned to trick Celiane and Touma doesn't change that he did just that as a consequence over his jealous desire to have Celiane for himself. Than thinking that the memories and love that Celiane and Apollonius had for each other were his own when he was just a bystander in all that. The least Pollon can do is say "Look, I've always loved Celiane even thugh she loved Apollonius but I never intended to hurt anyone with my wish to maybe fall in love with her in another life. I want you to know that I'm really sorry for deceiving you 12,000 years go, it wasn't my intent since at that time I really thought I was Apollonius.". It would at least be something, after all Touma believes that Apollo intentionally tricked him. So of course he's pissed.

And what good has Fudo been again? For all his talks nothing ever seems to go the way for the heroes or for him. Maybe he should stop worrying about ignoring the past and actually try and mend fences so this stuff doesn't happen again in the future. Just a thought, since he apparently knew who Apollo was the entire time and still kept everyone in the dark.

Touma gave up his hatred at the end of Genesis, his hatred only returned and festered for 12,000 years because he found out that he was tricked by a dog, a nobody that impersonated his beloved Apollonius whether it was intentional or not he doesn't know. All he knows is that he was tricked and had hid heart broken once again.

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