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Originally Posted by Myssa Rei View Post
RWBladewing& WildGoose: Tier 5 is the sweet spot for most players, particularly in the cost vs. gain level. Also it's the place where you finally get a taste of what each country's specialties are.

No real need to move up until you're well and ready. It's a whole lot better than failing upwards...
I'm capping myself at 7 and 8. Even in the tier 10 games I got into with my tier 8 and 9, I feel like I could just camp on a hill, watch an anime episode, come back, and still nothing moved. And arty whiners always say it was because there are 5 arties on each side, but even recently with the no arty tier 10 games, things are still slow as hell.

In my opinion high tier TDs are the bigger problem. They can reliably hit, pen and one shot(and insane, physically impossible good camo for soviet ones), scaring people from advancing even one bit beyond the rock they are currently hugging. And yet nobody complains about them because most think it's a valid excuse to say "arties take no skill and it's not my fault that I die to arty" and blame arty for everything. Just not for TDs, when in fact TDs do just about the same thing. Maybe people don't like the idea of getting killed by things that are unseen, but you don't really see the TDs half of the time either, and they can be just as bad. It's probably a domino effect. A few vocal people whining about arty, and the entire player base follows, blaming all their life problems on it using testimonials from other players as evidence, which were produced in the blaming process itself, and it just snowballs.

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