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Originally Posted by Sides View Post
Ups, i edited my post, because it was too long and some stuff when missing, what i mean was mulitmedia device. I also wrote something about the gps module and how it was being delayed aso.
One could also argue that because of the restructuring and slimlining departments at sony, i.e dropping its plasma production and other technology did effect other divisons such as the gaming department as well. I mean today, unlike few years back, sony do make profit from selling TVs, other entertainment devices and from its motion picture groups. So obviously focusing on the entertainment sector is more profitable for sony, than only focusing on gaming. If we look at the other angle the psp is probably one of the best selling portable multimedia devices in recent years, maybe even beating the ipod(?), and the ps3 is the best selling blu-ray player currently on the market, and probably will still be in the future. With skype newly announced for the psp, they are obviously going to targeting Voip phones next.
The thing is Sony's usual strategy for gaming systems. I know for sure they did it with the PS2 and PS3, and even the PSP. They spend more to manufacture the systems and make up the loss from software. Meaning the PSP makes up for the loss of money from selling the unit so low in price by selling alot of software. Now everyone knows how well(or more like, how terribly) the UMD movies are selling. The only thing right now that's making money for Sony is the software; the games. So you can't really say they're focused on it being a multimedia device when they don't make money from the mp3s or videos uploaded from everyone's computer, they make money from the games. Perhaps later on they may make money on add-on hardware, but for now it's all about the games.

The whole DS vs PSP is kind of weird anyway, on one side you have a great gaming device and on the other a highend gadget machine, that you can use as a phone now. So if one wants to compare both you have to set boundaries, and that would be focusing only on games.
Agreed; the games ultimately make the system, but even then, it's up to opinion on which is better.
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