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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
That was definitely the best episode so far.

I gotta say though, everyone in that family is way too passive. Eva's and especially Maria's behaviours and way of talking are ridiculously suspicious and villainous, yet they do nothing about it and act like it's normal. What the hell?

Speaking of Eva, her voice is both hot and awesome. Gotta love that VA, who was already great in Higurashi.

And Battler is cooler than I first gave him credit for. Thought he just an idiot obsessed with breasts, but it seems he actually has some wits. Well he is the main character so it's only natural I guess.
This is what really annoys me about Maria...Not her herself, but everyones reactions to her. Shes off making psycho faces and talking oddly with everyone just sitting their nodding their heads going "Oh thats nice".

Other then that particular bit of headache inducing non-sense I enjoyed this episode a great deal more then the previous ones. Pacing still feels abit fast and some moments have the subtly of a sledgehammer, but it's atleast starting to feel more interesting.

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