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Whew, I thought I was the only one who found Eva's voice incredibly hot and sexy. Especially in this episode, since we got to hear her when she wasn't yelling or bitching somebody out. She's not the most... sympathetic... character out there, but I really, really liked her in this episode. Her dialogue with Battler was one of the high points of the episode, and her moment with what's-his-name was touching even though (especially because?) you knew they were both about to bite the dust.

And she got the most stylish death so far in the series: Sprawled on the bed, impaled through the forehead. Come on. It doesn't get better than that.

Overall, really awesome episode. I LOVED the theories that the characters kept throwing out. Really awesome mystery stuff. Battler did some great sleuthing, or at least some great blind conjecture. I don't know if it's just me, but Battler seriously reminds me of Phoenix Wright or Apollo Justice. He could be the next Ace Attorney. When he pointed at Maria and the servant-tachi, my internal soundtrack added "Objection!"

Edit: WOW, I'm exceptionally unobservant tonight. ONE POST UP.

He did, however, had quite an awesome scene at the end refuting Eva's conclusion. The way that he slammed his hands on the table just screamed the word "OBJECTION!"
I KNOW, RIGHT? I'm sorry I didn't read your post sooner. I kind of skimmed the thread and went to town.

Speaking of the servants... Um, I feel uncomfortable calling them that. Speaking of the staff, it was very cool to see their separate camp emerge in this episode. The scene with Battler was very interesting, and got super cool when evil Maria showed up and made Battler trip balls.

Maria was even more awesome than last week. But it's hilarious that no one bats an eyelash when she goes batshit crazy. I'd have locked that kid in a bathroom or something by now.

Oh, and Jessica has DEM LEGS. She is killing it with the skirt and knee socks.

There were a couple points in the episode that didn't play quite right with me, mainly Hideyoshi's interaction with George at the beginning. Does this dude have no tact whatsoever? "So son, how did your fiancee look the last time you saw her? Was her face a blankly-staring, horribly twisted, blood-spattered death mask? No? Oh, good." Geez, just tell him not to come in... it worked for the other two kids.

Natsuhi running around with the sawed-off was pretty unexpected. I'm surprised that the characters just kind of lounged around while she was a trigger pull away from splattering Eva -- someone she CLEARLY hates -- all over the leather. And Battler, who switches each scene between scared teenager and pillar of cool, breaks the tension with "Ehe he he he. Dame da naaaa~" Yeah, right.

I'm hoping they're going to get those little moments of unbelievability ironed out. They've been less prevalent each episode, which is a good thing.

Looking forward to next week.

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