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Originally Posted by black knight iust View Post
which part aint gonna happen walken being the pilot or tasha as a little sister
Both. There's no way Hunter Battalion is getting anywhere near here, when they're based elsewhere and will deploy on something else. As for Tasha being a little sister, I can't really see it happening, given how she's turning herself into such a hardass.

Something curious though, that I see in the anime and only just realised: Zhar is equipped almost completely with Su-27 Zhuravliks and only two Su-37M2s, as opposed to TSFiA which had them with at least two flights (8 airframes) of Su-37M2s. Maybe it's to show just how much of an ace unit the Terminator is.

Then again, that is following wiki info, which states that the Terminator is deployed as an ace/squadron leader machine.

Originally Posted by rafael1932 View Post
First of all, why fort class is so damn special ? its immune to bullets or something ? I don’t thing he is very special since anyone can kill him from above and laser class are not present right now.
Because it's one big motherfucker and can swat you out of the sky, and it's an APC for fucking Soldier-kuns and Tank-classes, and they take a lot of killing. Sure, you can kill a Fort-class, but then you've got to worry about the Tank-class and Soldier-class inside.

And why yuuya and yui talking about when they should run as soon as possible ? It is fucking dangerous, it is a battlefield and they talk about themselves? AND that talk between her and that corporal. They should be a lot more focused on their work so they could have a real chance to blow up that thing.
He was bandaging up her arm. The anime is taking about the same amount of time as it does in real life - and while you bandage someone's arm, you may as well talk to them. Humans are social creatures and need this interaction to survive mentally. Also, she's been through an intensely traumatic experience, and Yuuya is trying to get her to calm down.

I think that is retarded as well but the kid is still young .
What /m/ has overlooked in it's assholery, and which you don't get, is that Yamamoto figured already that there was no way in hell he was getting outta here alive. If he had to die, it may as well be worth something. Dying so a pretty girl makes it out alive is better than dying and then the pretty girl gets eaten.
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