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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Both. There's no way Hunter Battalion is getting anywhere near here, when they're based elsewhere and will deploy on something else. As for Tasha being a little sister, I can't really see it happening, given how she's turning herself into such a hardass.

Something curious though, that I see in the anime and only just realised: Zhar is equipped almost completely with Su-27 Zhuravliks and only two Su-37M2s, as opposed to TSFiA which had them with at least two flights (8 airframes) of Su-37M2s. Maybe it's to show just how much of an ace unit the Terminator is.

Then again, that is following wiki info, which states that the Terminator is deployed as an ace/squadron leader machine.
but could u imagine it though she becomeing the tsunedere little sister
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