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Originally Posted by Silvance View Post
Well, other than having greater war potential, it'd also make a wonderful tool when negotiating with other countries to acquire something valuable. An example would be Imperial Japan sharing the railgun to the US in exchange for their stealth technology or something even better.

Ouch... I'm hurt. We're not all assholes just so you know. D:

But yeah, I agree with what you said about Yamamoto. The guy just wanted to make use of his life, and not die without being of use to anyone. The guy should at least be allowed to choose how he dies, no? There's no way out for him anyway.
i would rather die protecting something and being able to take as many of my enemys as possable (and mayby watching that fat bas**** be eaten by beta before i kill them wouldnt be so bad justin thinks to himself)
yamamoto in the end got scared mayby he shouldof taken a page out of raidens book and conqured his fear though raiden is a cyborg ninja
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