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Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
This could have been a good episode, but it had too many ancient cliches ruining good scenes.

- Rita's "PS: It was my first kiss" was blatant otaku pandering that came out of nowhere. As if Ryuunosuke's will is so weak that him being this woman's first would change anything.
What nonsense is this? Just because you don't like or understand something you call it otaku pandering?

That was Rita's first kiss, meaning it was just as important to her when she gives it away- she just wanted him to know that.

I shouldn't need to explain something like this.

Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
- This episode marked the 73rd time I saw a half-acted/joking confession in Japanese media. Also, the whole scene felt completely artificial in a manufactured scenario.
- Generic RomCom Main Lead's obliviousness broke several records in in the rooftop scene.

And I find it ironic that you would call Sorata oblivious when I have to explain the significance of the 'First kiss' quote to you.

Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
So, other than time moving forward and some build up, nothing really happened. When your Valentine episode feels like a filler episode in a romantic comedy, then you are doing things wrong. I can't believe this was being compared to Toradora! during its early episodes. Even Hyouka made it's valentine episode something important, significant and necessary to where the whole series was going.
Sure, if all you cared for was shipping.

Originally Posted by zRichard View Post
Unfair comparisons aside, Sakurasou is still something barely worth the watch and has a long way to go before becoming a recommendable romantic comedy.
Fortunately you seem to belong to a minority that holds that opinion as Sakurasou has long passed that stage a long time ago in most people's eyes.

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