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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Haven't watched the episode (or the series for the last seven or so episodes), but something to comment on:

Is there a condition that a Valentine episode MUST be something of great importance? The fact that the day was gloomy (according to some advisers) would, in my eyes, be something of a twist on the concept that a specific day is supposed to be of importance. The fact that Valentine's Day can be nothing different from your regular day in itself makes it worth watching to me.
Well, my guess would be that the episodes before this one felt like they were building up for some stuff and in the end nothing really happened. So in the end we got some more build up, cliche stuff on top of it and it was kind of a let down in the end which felt like a filler cause people expected more. If the same stuff happened on a regular day it would have felt way more important at least for me.

But I kind of agree with you. Nanamis audition being on valentine's day in the first place was a little too convenient for my taste anyway.
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