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That was a nice episode, I liked it. First things first, poor Rita. I hope Dragon called or at least wrote her, because otherwise... unforgivable! And poor Misaki. Getting stood up like that... ouch.

As for Mashiro-Sorata-Nanami triangle, there was some development here as well. I just have to say, I really really liked that classmate that got rejected by Nanami. That was so nice of him, trying to act normal around her so that it wouldn't be too awkward for her and then even helping her out like that (though she doesn't know it). Nanamiiiiiin, accept his feelings, or I will XDD

The rooftop scene was really cute :3 I'm glad that Sorata admitted that he was looking forward to the chocolate. And when Mashiro said that she was glad and Sorata turned away, blushing, I squeeled so hard XD d'awwwwww... Laughed at the hand-holding thing, Mashiro couldn't handle it, even though she asked fot it herself. And the little bit after, "I'm living even harder than you" = my heart is beating even faster (= I love you) awwwww, cute! (OK, I clearly need new words in my vocabulary...)

The scene when Sorata put 2 and 2 together... priceless Ah, next episode can't come soon enough.
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