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Originally Posted by Tommy
I really struggled watching the first episode... I just thought the artwork was bland, the show was boring and the one guy who was bullying eruruu or whatever her name is was extremely annoying, plus I'm not a fan for the "cute" cat ears or whatever on everyone. But the more I think about it the more I realized this show just doesn't fit into the type of animes I usually watch so maybe thats why I disliked it so much.
Yea if you're not into this type of anime, I think, that you would be a bit biased in thinking it is not that great. To each their own

As for me, I like this kind, and I think this one is superb. I am really getting into the characters and Hakuoro is pretty cool. I like everyone in the village and Eruruu is so cute. The story is neat in that it makes you wonder about Hakuoro's past and what is going to happen, but on the side you feel for the village. As a bonus, I really like the sound track, especially the OP. So overall I really like this anime so far.
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