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Originally Posted by PreSage View Post
Where's your sense of sport, Sensei?

Anyway, Bun is probably busy with other *ahem* matters. So I'll tell, he's Japan from Hetalia Axis Power. There are some really beautiful pics from this short series - although I never really got into watching it. Maybe...when I find the time. (Hmm, I think that will be my new slogan 'when I find the time' because it seems to stick with me so well. *rolls eyes*)
THAT MY NIHON!!!! WOW Props to the fanarts who did that. Ill say next to Reborn and now Drrr, Hetalia has some awesome fanarts around it since ppl either draw them as actuall guys/girls or stick to their normal vers but yeah ive seen some pretty hot pics of US.

You should watch Hetalia, its hilarious. Canada is adorable.

Can I see the source pic?
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