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Volume 7 in one episode pretty much I guess. Kuroneko does appear in her shironeko form so her fans will be ecstatic and she may even get new fans. :/
It's make me thinking. I may be wrong since I haven't been around when the first season aired, but the way I see it till now, it looks like here anime-only viewers/fans are more.... vocal with the whole waifu war / favorite girl thing, and the majority here seems on Kuroneko team and hate Kirino.

So I imagine the reaction of the viewers, how...... 'active' the upcoming episode threads will be when the whole thing of Kyousuke dating Ruri airs, and then later when Ruri breaks up with him, with Kirino as the reason behind it and she is also the one comforting Kyousuke Mods will probably have to pull extra shift
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