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Chapter 6

“I'll go get Mami right away!”

That's what I had shouted to Sayaka before racing off to get Mami's help. Thankfully it didn't take me long to find Mami, and tell her about the witch's barrier about to form at the hospital. But by the time I had brought Mami to where I had seen the Grief Seed, Kyubey and Sayaka were already gone, as was the Grief Seed itself! They must have been sucked into the witch's barrier!

“Here, huh?” Mami stated, as a mystical glow emanating from a crack in the wall was still visible.

Mami then gestured forward with her left arm and open palm, which caused a ring she was wearing to shine brightly and make a piercing high-pitched sound. I then saw a brilliantly bright white light shimmering outwards from the crack in the wall, in the form of some sort of intricate symbol. Mami then tightened one arm against her chest, and closed her eyes. It looked like she was concentrating very hard on something!

I found all of this pretty perplexing, but I guess that she was trying to telepathically reach Kyubey. I hope that she's able to reach him. Him and Sayaka!

'Kyubey!' I heard Mami's telepathic message in my mind, 'What's the situation?'

'We're still Okay.' he responded, 'It doesn't seem like it's about to do anything.'

'Sayaka, are you okay?' I desperately asked with my own thoughts.

'I'm getting bored in here.' she responded.

Hearing that was a big relief to me! It allowed me to smile, and become more calm over the situation.

'It's probably better to avoid provoking the egg by using strong magic.' stated Kyubey, 'You don't have to hurry, but try to keep it stealthy.'

'Got it.' replied Mami.

Mami then turned to look me in the face. I could tell from her body language that she wanted to know if I was ready to enter into the witch's barrier. I made my intentions clear by taking a step towards Mami. As frightened as I may be, there's no way I would abandon my friends now! So Mami and I then walked through the magical portal.

As with the other witch's barriers I've seen, this one was very strange and creepy. I saw medicine bottles with various items in them, like scissors, cakes, and weird looking candies. In fact, this witch's barrier seemed to have a food or medical theme to it. It made me think of what the interior of the Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel would look like! I guess it's only appropriate that we'd find a witch in here...

Mami took me by the hand, and took the lead, as we walked further into the witch's barrier. Feeling Mami's gentle but firm grip further relaxed me, and helped to take away a lot of my nervousness over the situation.

“I'm glad we made it in time.” I stated to her, as we continued walking forward.

“I should be scolding you for overdoing it, but it was Sayaka's idea, wasn't it?” she replied, “At least we don't have to worry about the witch getting away.”

But then, Mami and I heard footsteps behind us! Mami was the first one to turn around to address whoever was walking behind us, and then I turned around right after her. The person following us was Homura!

“I told you!” Mami stated angrily towards her, “I never wanted to see you again.”

“Today's hunt is mine.” Homura replied, “Back off.”

“Can't do that.” Mami responded, “We have a date with Miki-san and Kyubey.”

“I guarantee their safety.” Homura replied, while bowing her head slightly.

“You think I'll believe you?” Mami asked, in a slightly sarcastic tone.

Mami then suddenly gestured forward with her left arm and an open palm! I saw some sort of magical energy come shooting out of her hand. The next thing I knew, Homura was all tied up in orange ribbons with a yellowish chain design on them. She was firmly held in place just above the ground, with a cute red bow and a “1st Place” award on top! While it made for a strangely appealing visual, I couldn't help but feel deep regret over our continuous inability to get along with Homura...

“F-fool!” she shouted at Mami, while struggling against the ribbons that bound her, “This is no time to...”

“I don't want to have to hurt you.” Mami said, interrupting Homura, “But I need a little security.”

“This witch is completely different from the ones you've fought!” exclaimed Homura breathlessly.

“If you stay quiet, I'll let you go when I'm done.” stated Mami, as I could tell she didn't find Homura's words compelling.

But I had to admit that Homura's words strangely rang true to me, as they usually do...

“Let's go, Madoka.” Mami said to me, while she tilted her head towards me.

I really didn't like the idea of leaving Homura like this, and not heeding her advice. I know that Mami has been very patient with Homura, and has tried so hard to get along with her! I can understand why Mami has finally had enough of trying to be friendly with Homura. I also know that Mami means no real harm here, and just wants Homura to stay out of our way for a bit. Still, in spite of all of this, I couldn't shake the feeling that we should let Homura go, and listen to what she was saying to us. But... I don't know if I feel up to arguing the point with Mami-san...

“...Okay” I say to Mami's request for us to go.

Mami started walking away from Homura, and with steady confidence, while I walked away much slower, feeling very uneasy about all of this...

“Wait!” cried out Homura, before her binds tightened around her at the sound of her voice.

Well, it was now or never. I wanted to tell Mami-san that I didn't feel comfortable with the decision to not heed Homura's words. But I wasn't sure if it was my place to say that to Mami, as she's the magical girl, and I'm just a regular girl...

Affection Calculation Time! To determine your affection level with Mami Tomoe, refer to the following data and calculate the net effect of your choices.

Spoiler for Mami Tomoe Affection Data:

Your overall affection level with Mami must be +3 or higher in order for Option B of Opportunity Choice 3 to become available. Otherwise, you must select A.

Opportunity Choice 3:

A) Abide by Mami's decision to leave Homura tied up like this.

B) “Mami, I think we should let Homura go. Just to be on the safe side, you know!”

Spoiler for Response A:

Spoiler for Response B:

I could hear very squeaky mice-like voices just beyond a cookie-shaped door. Mami opened it up a bit, and peeked through the opening to make sure the coast was clear. After doing so we continued on our way. We then came to another door, this one looking more normal than the last. Mami carefully opened it up, once again made sure that the coast was clear, and we again continued on our way. Mami also took hold of my hand again, which I found comforting given how bizarrely mesmerizing this room was! Surreal grey walls were all about us, and many medicine bottles floated throughout the air, as far as the eye could see.

“Um... Mami...” I said to her.

“What?” she asked.

“I've been thinking about my wish.” I answered.

“Have you come up with something?” she asked.

“Yes.” I replied, “But I think you might get mad about it...”

“What wish do you want fulfilled?” she asked me.

“I've never been good at anything or had anything to be proud of.” I began in answer, “I thought I'd always be a bother rather than ever being able to help people.”

If you've achieved +2 affection or higher with Mami Tomoe, read the "Mami disagrees" section. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Mami disagrees:

“Even though I hate that, I couldn't do anything about it.” I continued, as Mami and I made our way through another door, “But then I met you, and you showed me how to fight for the sake of others. You told me that maybe I could do the same thing. That would make me happier than anything. So just becoming a magical girl is my wish!”

I said all of this while Mami led me by the hand through delicious looking rooms of cakes, candies, cookies, desserts, and birthday cake candles.

“Helping people and being proud of myself...” I continued, as all sorts of wondrous dreams flew through my imagination, “That's my dearest wish.”

“It's tough, you know.” Mami said to me, a bit sternly, “You'll get hurt. You won't have time for boys or hanging out.”

“But when I see you trying your hardest, I look up to you!” I replied to her with a big smile.

“I'm not the kind of person you want to admire.” Mami said, after coming to a stop.

If you chose B for Opportunity Choice 2, read section OC2B. Otherwise, read section A.

Spoiler for Section A:

Spoiler for Section OC2B:

“That's... You're right.” Mami replied.

Mami then turned around, and faced me with tears in her eyes. She quickly took hold of my hands, causing me to gasp a bit. She held my hands tightly in hers while she looked into my eyes with such emotion and passion...

“Will you really fight by my side?” she asked of me, “Will you really stay by me?”

“Yes, if you'll have me.” I answered.

“I make such a terrible Senior, don't I?” Mami asked, while wiping the tears from her eyes, “I'm really no good at this.”

“Mami-san...” I uttered with a smile, as I must admit I found her more transparent self very cute.

Mami and I then talked about what my wish should be. She suggested that I wish for a cake so that we could eat it during a celebration for her and I teaming up as magical girls! While the thought was nice, that wish idea did seem kind of underwhelming compared to some of the more extravagant wishes that I had heard suggested. Before we could discuss it further, though, we both heard Kyubey crying out to us.

'Mami!' he exclaimed, 'The Grief Seed's started moving! Hurry up!'

“All right, got it!” Mami replied, “Let's blow this thing away!”

Mami then gestured her left hand forward, and transformed into her magical girl outfit! She formed a protective barrier of red ribbons around me while she jumped and twisted through the air, leaping into action! As she landed on her feet, she summoned forth seven rifles, and twirled one about in the air as though it were a baton. It looked like Mami was standing in the midst of great, giant cakes!

Mami started shooting off her rifles in rapid succession, while also swinging some as though they were a baseball bat. She did this to bring down several polka-dotted black foes that were attacking her. She briefly leaned backwards, to cause many rifles to appear right below her breasts! She then used those rifles to blow away more and more of the smaller enemies. She was so breathtakingly beautiful and effortlessly cool in how she fought! I couldn't help but smile at her in open mouth awe as she landed in front of me.

She then took me by the hand, and raced onwards. I sprinted behind her with such excitement in my steps!

We then walked through one more door. Just beyond it, we finally found Sayaka and Kyubey! They were crouched down behind a humongous pinkish doughnut.

“Sorry we took so long.” Mami said to Sayaka.

“Great, you made it.” stated Sayaka with a smile of relief.

“Look out!” exclaimed Kyubey, “It's coming!”

We then saw a surprisingly cute pink doll come exploding out of what looked to me like a large cereal box. That doll then landed on a chair, with a fork and a spoon on either side of it.

“Let's finish this off right away!” exclaimed Mami, as she swung her rifle to knock the chair out from under the doll.

I guess this cute pink doll must actually be the witch!

Mami then swung about in a wide circular motion, striking her rifle against the pink witch with the motion of a bat swing. The doll was sent streaking across the air crashing into a candy-coated pinkish wall. Mami fired off four rifle shots at the witch. The shots missed their target, but the witch fell to the ground anyway.

Mami then stepped right next to where the witch was laying, and pointed her rifle directly over the witch's head. She then fired off a shot! The witch was then catapulted into the air, as yellow strands came pouring out of where the witch had been shot.

“All right!” exclaimed Sayaka, as she pumped a fist into the air.

Sayaka and I were both cheering Mami on, and it did look like Mami was winning decisively!

Mami smiled warmly at the cheers of Sayaka and I, but then turned her attention back to the fight at hand. Mami transformed her rifle into the gigantic glistening gun that she uses for her “Tiro Finale!” blasts! Surely this would be it, as Mami prepared to fire off her patented finishing move!

TIRO FINALE!!!” exclaimed Mami, as she executed that attack!

The blast went straight through the witch!

But then... some large zeppelin-shaped creature came popping out of the seemingly destroyed body of the witch. This creature had rainbow-coloured eyes, two yellow cheeks, one blue ear, one orange ear, and a star-shaped orange nose. Mami looked as stunned by all of this as Sayaka and I were!

The zeppelin-shaped creature quickly shot downwards at Mami, as an elongated polka-dotted tail stretched out behind it. It had a malicious grin on its face. It began to open its mouth to reveal large, sharp pointy teeth! Mami gasped in horror here, and seemed to freeze up a bit. Sayaka and I gasped in horror as well!

If you chose B for Opportunity Choice 3, read Section OC3B. Otherwise, read Section "Mami dies!".

Spoiler for Mami dies!:

Spoiler for Section OC3B:

Homura leaped through the air to land right next to the witch!

The witch opened its massively menacing maw over Homura's entire body, and it seemed to swallow her whole!

But... Homura somehow was now standing outside of it. That's strange. Does Homura have a magical ability to teleport?

Sayaka and I stayed close to one another while Homura continued to fight the witch. Homura jumped from one pincushion pin platform to the next to the next, stealthily avoiding all of the witch's attempts to eat her!

Just when I feared that the witch had managed to catch Homura, I heard a loud explosion. Smoke then came billowing out of the mouth of the witch. The witch was clearly hurt a bit by that, as it tilted its head to the side, with its tongue sticking out.

Then a violent chain of explosions came in a a steady succession, as the witch's new zeppelin-shaped body was totally rocked by them. At the same time, Homura slowly landed on the witch's old body, which in turn lay on a really high chair. The witch briefly made a very angry face towards Homura, but that didn't last for long, as the final explosion was a particularly loud and destructive one, leaving the witch annihilated!

If you chose B for Opportunity Choice 3, read Section Mami Lives! Prologue and disregard the rest of the chapter. Otherwise, skip over it and read the rest of this chapter.

Spoiler for Mami Lives! Prologue:

Homura leaped off of the really high chair, and started walking towards Sayaka and I.

“That was a close call.” Homura stated.

Homura then came to a stop right in front of Sayaka and I. She gazed downwards at us with such haunting eyes...

“Take a good close look.” she said, while she gestured one hand towards... towards a mess of blood and shattered remnants, “This is what it means to be a magical girl.”

The witch's barrier then dissipated, as Sayaka and I found ourselves sitting just outside of the hospital. A Grief Seed slowly descended from the sky. Homura walked over to pick it up.

“Give it back...” Sayaka said to Homura, in a hoarse voice.

Sayaka was still traumatized by Mami's apparent death, just as I was. But while that made me stunned silent as I looked down at the ground, it made Sayaka increasingly flustered.

Homura walked over to Sayaka as Sayaka continued to address her.

“Give that back!” Sayaka cried, as tears were in her eyes, “That's Mami's! Come on! Give it back to her!”

Sayaka couldn't accept Mami's apparent death. Nor could I, really. And yet a part of me felt like I should speak up for Homura here. Homura did save us after all. Also, I think that Sayaka might have the wrong idea here, based on the unfortunate late timing of Homura's arrival. But... I wasn't sure if I had the strength to say much of anything given the horrifying circumstances of this wretched moment.

Opportunity Choice 4

If you made the choices necessary to have Opportunity Choice 1 become available and you achieved an affection level of +2 or higher with Mami, then you may now choose to explain the full situation to Sayaka. If you opt to do so, please read section OC4A. Otherwise, read -OC4.

Spoiler for OC4A:

Spoiler for -OC4:

Homura then walked away, while Sayaka and I wept bitterly to mourn Mami's death...

I thought I was so sure I wanted to be a magical girl, but now... now I'm not sure at all. Now the idea frightens me to the very core of my being! I was also very frightened over the idea of what might happen next.

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